The Science Driving Our Tech

Our platform is built on years of research by 50+ MIT engineers and scientists.  See an in-depth look into the science and capabilities of our platform that are helping to reinvent health monitoring and disease prevention. 

Dina Katabi | TED 2018

A new way to monitor vital signs (that can see through walls)

At MIT, Dina Katabi and her team are working on a bold new way to monitor patients' vital signs in a hospital (or even at home), without wearables or bulky, beeping devices. Bonus: it can see through walls. In a mind-blowing talk and demo, Katabi previews a system that captures the reflections of signals like Wi-Fi as they bounce off people, creating a reliable record of vitals for healthcare workers and patients. And in a brief Q&A with TED curator Helen Walters, Katabi discusses safeguards being put in place to prevent people from using this tech to monitor somebody without their consent.

Sleep Stages

Using only wireless signals, we can extract a person's breathing signal and even their sleep stages; we can even discern whether you are in deep sleep or dreaming.

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Human Pose Estimation

The latest research using Emerald has shown that it is possible to extract a 3D skeleton using wireless signals.

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 Checkout our full catalog of peer-reviewed research that is at the foundation of the Emerald Platform
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