We make remote health monitoring simple

Emerald is a touchless sensor and machine learning platform for health analytics

A revolution in remote health monitoring


Our sensor monitors users in the home passively; it does not require any interaction to record, monitor and send us data. Users install the device and go about their daily lives.


Our passive monitoring enables in-home trials with no added burden to the patient or site, allowing more data to be captured in a shorter period of time.


Collect reliable, in-depth metrics related to mobility, gait, behaviors and patterns such as respiration, sleep quality and sleep stages.


Emerald has customers among the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with repeated contracts.

Our customers use the Emerald product to obtain continuous clinical data for drug development. The product has been used in Phase 2 and Phase 4 clinical trials that span neurology, immunology and rare diseases. 

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Press Release
August 24, 2023

Damien McDevitt, PhD, President and CEO of Aspen:

“Parkinson's disease is very personal in nature, and we are working to develop a personal cell therapy for PD. Everyone with Parkinson's has a unique experience, with varied symptoms. We look forward to working closely with the innovative and collaborative teams at Rune Labs and Emerald Innovations to capture a holistic and precise pattern of motor symptom activity over time for people in our screening study.”

Press Release
May 23, 2023

Diego Cadavid, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Verge:

“We are thrilled to be the first company to integrate Emerald Innovations’ technology into an ALS study. Given the high unmet need for effective treatments and the complexity of ALS, it is imperative that we leverage innovative technology tools that make it possible to collect dense amounts of unbiased, objective patient function data to properly assess the efficacy and dose-response to VRG50635 early in clinical development.”

Press Release
March 14, 2023

Seth Ettenberg, President and CEO of BlueRock Therapeutics:

“Parkinson’s disease is incredibly complex, with symptoms often varying hour to hour through the course of the day. New tools and approaches are needed to ease the reporting burden on patients in trials and to measure and assess disease progression more effectively. We are excited to be working with the pioneering team at Emerald Innovations to harness the power of their digital health technologies to collect an unbiased, objective and continuous measure of disease progression that will help us develop more effective therapies.”

Press Release
February 21, 2023

Jana von Hehn, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of RSRT:

“The Emerald provides direct, objective measures of symptoms captured continuously over days, weeks, months, or longer, generating significantly richer data in shorter timeframes than can be obtained in traditional in-clinic studies. We are excited to continue this important work with Emerald, guided by our Biomarker Consortium and FDA advice, to facilitate more efficient clinical trials and truly effective therapeutics.”


Emerald was presented to President Obama at the White House

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