Health analytics powered by machine learning

The most advanced platform for monitoring health in the home

Meet the Emerald

From Wearables to Invisibles
Our device monitors the radio waves in the home and uses machine learning and signal processing algorithms to detect the movements of the people and produce the most detailed data and advanced insights into a person's health available on the market today.

No devices to wear, no charging, no manual synchronizing of data to the cloud.
Continuously analyzes surrounding movements and behaviors
Data is uploaded over an encrypted connection to the Emerald Cloud
Proprietary machine learning algorithms extract all the clinical endpoints you need for your study

Platform Benefits

Best-in-class health monitoring

More Representative Biomarkers

More patient-centric clinical endpoints and real-world evidence that is better representative of patient’s quality of life.

More Sensitive Biomarkers

Fine-grained data in the areas of mobility and activity, as well as respiration and sleep.

Reduced Patient Burden

With Emerald’s “connect and forget” operation, the device sits passively the background and collects data as patients go about their daily lives.

Reduced Operational Burden

Emerald's turnkey solution includes ongoing operational monitoring, and convenient web and mobile tools for study sponsors to track trial progress and status.

Faster Trials

Passive, continuous, in-home monitoring allows clinical trials to collect objective data over shorter periods of time.

Behavioral Slicing

Track a patient's sleep patterns and stress levels to learn about how they impact the efficacy and safety of a trial's treatments.

Context for other measurements

Our data can provide you additional context to the objective data that is reported by your patients (e.g. poor sleep, tiring activities, etc.)

Security & Privacy

We use the highest grade encryption to protect your data from the time it is collected to when it is delivered to you
Emerald Innovations - 1 Broadway 14FL, Cambridge MA, 02142
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