Kabelac & Hristov are among the cofounders of Emerald Innovations, the producer of a wireless home sensor that can measure movement, respiration, heart rate, sleep and behavior of patients by using low power radio waves. This allows the Emerald device to capture valuable patient home data through walls without touching or disturbing the patient in any way.

MIT has developed an ‘invisible’ device that provides several benefits over traditional patient data collection methods, including improved biomarker development and the ability to detect changes in behavior – by monitoring patients wirelessly, and through walls.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge for healthcare workers. Among the major challenges are social distancing issues, which have required novel approaches to diagnosing and treating illness.

For many who have already tested positive, home stays are the best option to avoid an already massively overtaxed hospital system in many areas and to avoid further infecting others. The question, then, is how doctors and nurses can continue to provide treatment remotely with the pronounced limitations of telemedicine.

At MIT, Dina Katabi and her team are working on a bold new way to monitor patients' vital signs in a hospital (or even at home), without wearables or bulky, beeping devices.

Emerald Innovations - 1 Broadway 14FL, Cambridge MA, 02142
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